Brenham Football Community,

My name is Katie Klingler. My family and I moved to Brenham from Katy in December 2017. I am primarily a sports photographer and I've been taking photos from the sidelines for the last 10 years.

I plan to shoot a few Brenham varsity games this year; and as a newcomer courtesy, I am offering the logo-free digital files to the players and parents at no cost. Keep in mind that none of the images has been edited or cropped. Normally, when prints are purchased, I carefully edit each image for optimum color, light, sharpness, and overall quality. But since I am offering these files for free, I will not take the time to edit each file. To download a file, just click on the underlined arrow at the bottom right of the feature photo.

I love football and I am thankful to be able to capture these memories for you.

Feel free to email me with any questions.